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Meet Our Founder

Our Founder: Kofi Thompson

Our Founder: Kofi Thompson

Kofi Thompson works with First generation wealth creators helping them address their goals with more clarity and intentionality. As a comprehensive financial advisor. His goal is to help his clients build, manage, protect, and transition wealth allowing them to follow a defined path to turn their dreams into realities.

Growing up Kofi was impacted by many financial traumas his parents faced. In his early 20’s reality struck and after his father passed away from cancer he came to the conclusion that no one should pass off debt instead of wealth. After this and realizing much of financial pain people had was caused by misinformation and miseducation it became his mission to serve and heal the financial lives of other.

He believes the problems we face today can’t be solved with the same way of thinking that got us there so he uses his knowledge to take nuanced approaches to find solutions to many different types of financial problems. Outside of his business he is also a competitive powerlifter holding a Virginia state dead lifting record, a yogi, book nerd, and cyclist.

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