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Our Process

A Look Into Our Process

At Zion Capital Management, our firm’s process is designed with the goal of helping clients visualize the path to reaching their financial goals and feel confident about the strategies we've implemented together. Our team uses an authentic, and caring approach to service our clients at a high level with customized solutions to fit their unique goals. We are excited to bring this knowledge and service to you and help you achieve your financial goals.

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We listen to the concerns and needs of our clients and then meet to collaboratively respond with researched information and care, and we work hard to base each approach depending on your needs. Our time-tested process can be defined by the following steps:

  • Step One: Finding Your North Star (Establish & Define the Scope of Work)

    This step includes figuring out why you are here and gives us a better understanding of how we can help you

  • Step Two: Gather Information, Identify Values, and Set Goals

    During this phase, we will really try to get to know you better and take the time to understand who you and your family are and what is most important to you

  • Step Three: Analyze & Evaluate the Current Status

    Through a comprehensive developed strategy analysis, we will then decide what you have already done for your financial future and what remains to be worked on.

  • Step Four: Develop Recommendations & Create A Plan

    We will create a rough draft of how we will help you address the freedom you desire. In this development, we will keep in mind that some of our clients may want time freedom, some may want location freedom, some may want financial freedom – and others strive to achieve all of the above.

  • Step Five: Freedom Path Creation (Review & Amend the Plan)

    After we have understood where you are at and where you want to go, we will meet with you again to work with you on the appropriate route for your future.

  • Step Six: Implementation

    After the strategies are identified, we will make specific asset and investment recommendations to bring those strategies to life. When you approve those recommendations and ensure that they are right for your situation, we’ll put them into action.

  • Step Seven: Monitor & Review

    We believe that accountability turns dreams into reality, and as a result, we promise to continually monitor your progress to ensure that your goals are still being met. If necessary, we can also help you to adjust your plan whenever life throws you a curveball.

F.I.R.S.T. & F.I.N.D.

At Zion Capital Management, we subscribe to two acronyms that we believe are extremely helpful when assisting our clients in achieving their financial goals: FIRST and FIND.


Financial Goals Identification 


Income and Expense Analysis


Risk management and Insurance Planning 


Savings and Investment Planning


Financial Independence and Needs Discovery

If you feel that our process aligns with what you may be looking for in a financial partner, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our financial services process.

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